1. What are some rooms that grad students should be aware of in Siebel Center for CS?
  • Grad Lounge – 3333 SC
  • Prayer / Meditation / Lactation Room – 2205 SC
  • Grad Kitchen / Lunch Room – 3407 SC

Grad students should have I-Card access to all these rooms.

  1. Where is the grad lounge for CS graduate students?

Our grad lounge is located at 3333 Siebel Center for Computer Science. You typically need your I-card to swipe in.

  1. My I-card doesn’t work when I try to enter the grad lounge. Who should I contact?

Please get in touch with the first floor grad office.

  1. Where can I access printers?

There are printers on every floor of Siebel. You can log in to to get access to the printers. Alternatively, you can install the drivers on your computer to print using a specific printer.

  1. Where can I get a conference poster printed/ poster printing instructions?

See “Poster Printing” towards the bottom of the Engineering IT Services page for all poster needs.

  1. Where can I access microwaves?

The service rooms on each floor also have microwaves. You may need your I-card to enter after business hours.

  1. What meeting rooms are available to CS grad students?

Grad students can use the grad lounge (3333 Siebel Center) and the lunch room (3407 Siebel Center) at any time with I-card access. Our lunch room has coffee and tea if you need it!

You can also reserve conference rooms in Siebel if needed.

  1. Are there CSGSO groups and social media accounts I can follow?

Yes! We have a cs-grads Slack channel with all CS grad students where we announce events and have fun discussions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to join – you need to be a current CS grad student to join the Slack group.

We have social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter. You are welcome to follow us if you are interested in CSGSO and grad life at CS@Illinois.

  1. Can I be part of CSGSO and help organize activities?

Yes! Please join the #csgso channel on Slack and attend our weekly meetings in the grad lounge from 4-5 pm on Mondays.

What is the GEO?

Note: the CSGSO is a social group not a labor union! Our official labor union is the Graduate Employee Labor Union (GEO).

If you’re interested in joining, information about the GEO can be found here: . If you have any questions about the GEO, or concerns you’d like the union’s help with, please reach out to any of our stewards ( Andy Lee , Jaron , Rutvik )